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Games By Warley Quinborne Players

Good Games
Patrick Duncan v Zhou Yang-Jian
A game that starts off from a quiet opening but ends abruptly.
Patrick Duncan v Flofll
Patrick starts the gane with 1b3 once again. The game is concluded with a nice queen sacrifice.
John Fahy v Jon Turner
John Fahy allows a tactical shot, but nevertheless defends well until Jon Turner wins the day by patient attacking play.
A N Other v Simon Smith
A game played for Holly Lodge in 1977. Not a masterpiece, but illustrating Phildor's legacy. Unfortunately my opponent resigned before I could play it out to the smothered mate finish. What a spoilsport !
Laszlo Szabo v Ken Lloyd
An old Warley player uses the Modern Defence when it was relatively more Modern. The computer frowns upon Ken's queen sacrifice, but he is playing a human being, and does eventually win against his distinguished Hungarian opponent.
Dave Jeffs v Gideon Vecht
Another game from Dave. A nice strategic squeeze followed by a very  visual checkmate.
Dave Jeffs v Martin Smith
This is a game played by Dave when he was at Mercia. Both players are no slaves to opening theory and manage to diverge very early from standard Kings Indian praxis. Dave's enigmatic play eventually triumphs over Martin's usual orginal and unique brand of chess.
John Crump v Alex Holowczak
Alex plays a fine combination leading to a perpetual check possibility that forces John Crump to accept the draw. Can you see why? The game features an exchange French and an early c4 from white - the so called 'Monte Carlo' variation that often leads to interesting middlegames.
John Wheeler v Andy Southall
This game goes back to 1997 and the Paignton Open. Andy plays a close game against John Wheeler a very strong county player. Andy has black and as usual prefers a game where chances or counter chances are more important than safety. An approach that has been very successful for him in his chess career.
Wendell Rawlings v Brian Whitehouse
This was the first game of the 2016/17 Birmingham league season. Warley Quinborne 'A' were looking forward to promotion with some optimism to div one and Warley Quinborne were looking forward to securing their position in div two.

This match saw old sparring partners Wendell and Brian paired against each other. Wendell won the game convincingly, but the 'A' side nevertheless scrapped home against the 'B' side. The game itself features an imaginative king move from the first player.
Mike Wildboar v Tony Hickey Former Warley Quinborne player Mike Wildboar sent me this game played in 1987. Mike had a reputation for enterprising opening systems and was never afraid of travelling paths many wouldn't. Tony Hickey is a strong county player and attributes increasing ability in recent years to playing through and trying to understand master games.

This is a kings gambit accepted. Mike remarks after black's 13th move:
White is 2 pieces down but has a great centre and better development with blacks King stuck in the firing line.
Amrik Singh v Simon Smith     An old game from 1983 long before Mik Singh became a Warley Quinborne player. A nice exchange sacrifice.
Tony Miles v Phil Maybury

Phil comments:

'I know it was only a simultaneous and there were around 30 people also playing him but it was one of my finest moments, with the result on the day, if memory serves me well Tony Miles lost 2 games and drew 1 winning the rest.

After the game Mr Miles turned to me and said....."if you're that good why did you bother to sack your Bishop?"  '

My commentary: This is interesting as Phil plays the Chigorin. Did Miles takes this defence up subsequently because of this encounter ? : -) Despite the reference to the bishop, Phil, according to Fritz claws back his disadvantage to a winning one over time.

Alan Burnet v Tim Lane Alan is one of Warley Quinborne's longest serving members. He has also represented Warwickshire many times. Here,  he beats a very solid opponent in Tim Lane.

The games is satisfying as it shows how an opening advantage translates into a middlegame advantage which then translates into an endgame win
Nathan Paul v Simon Smith It was highly satisfying to win a game against a good player such as Nathan Paul. I can't recall delivering a more aesthetically pleasing checkmate either !